bare: a pop opera
in Richmond, VA
Richmond Triangle
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Meet the Cast: Ian Page (PETER)

Name: Ian Page

Hometown: Kings Park, NY

Who are you playing? Peter

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A preview of “bare: a pop opera” at Richmond Triangle Players! Preview tonight and opening tomorrow!

Director and Choreographer Justin Amellio and Richmond Triangle Players Managing Director, Philip Crosby share their thoughts on Virginia in the Morning! Opening tomorrow at 8:00 pm, but our first preview is tonight at 8:00 pm!

Watch as actors Ian Page and Chloe Williams sing “God Don’t Make No Trash” ‘Bare: a Pop Opera’ opening Thursday, July 18! Our first preview is today!

Meet the Cast: Kelsey Cordrey (NADIA)

Name: Kelsey Kathryn Cordrey

Hometown: Chesterfield, Virginia

Who are you playing? Nadia McConnell

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It’s time to wake up Peter, put away the fairytale
The clock is striking midnight, can’t you hear?
Not all tales have happy endings, we can’t keep pretending
‘Cause there’s no such thing as heroes that are queer

from “Ever After,” Bare: A Pop Opera

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Meet the Cast: Sasha Wakefield (KYRA)

Name: Sasha Wakefield

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Who are you playing? Kyra

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Meet the Cast: Sam Jones (JASON)

Name: Sam Jones

Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Who are you playing? Jason

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Meet the Cast: Austin Tate (MATT)

Name: Austin Joseph Tate

Hometown: I was born in Twentynine Palms, CA, but spent most of my time growing up in Stafford, VA.

Who are you playing? Matthew Lloyd

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Nobody wanted to leave. Ya know, you generally have people come and go and they fulfill their commitment. No one wanted to go anywhere. We couldn’t imagine having a better experience on anything else, so we just came to work every night with these giddy expressions on our face…

-Jenna Leigh Green, Navigate the Maze

Jenna Leigh Green, the original Ivy from the Los Angeles production of Bare, comments on the comradery of the cast involved in the production during a documentary of the journey of “bare” from inception.

I can easily say that the text itself brings cast members together in a very loving way. The students at St. Cecillia’s have grown up together and been through thick and thin (especially during the show). Because of the nature of the characters, the actors have had a tendency to grow together and really bond into an ensemble. We experience this during the stage reading first. In the few weeks we spent rehearsing together, we bonded as a group and it was hard to see some cast members have to leave to not perform in the full production.

The same has happened within the group that has been assembled for the full production opening July 17. We have laughed, we have cried, we have inside jokes. The cast has become a family and its a warm hearted feeling every time you walk in the rehearsal room.

Come see the family of “bare: a pop opera” opening July 17 through August 17, 2013 at Richmond Triangle Players.